X8 Framing Schedule Problems

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The X8 Framing Schedule has some problems in how it lists the Nominal Size and Materials.  post-47-0-31645400-1452795139_thumb.jpg


Note that the Nominal Size for Lumber members are listed with the " sign.  This is contrary to drafting conventions.  ie:


2" X 6" indicates a true size - standard practice would be to use a lower case "x" and actually use 2x6 which indicates the nominal size.


Header Material should be FIR FRAMING.  The designation of FIR STUD 16" OC is totally silly.  Also note that there are a couple of posts listed as COLOR - BRICK instead of STEEL.


Due to the complexity of properly listing the actual material we either need to leave that column out of our Framing Schedules or very carefully create and use better names for the materials.  Unfortunately Chief automatically assigns some of those materials and the place where they can be edited is not very convenient.  Headers for example can only be edited in Wall Details.


For the Type Column a ROUND Post could be a Pipe Column or it could be Concrete.  Again, due to the complexities Chief either needs to expand the possible Types or add a Description Field that can be used for Framing Members.







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