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I have taken some textures (mostly just the ones that I thought I would use on a regular basis), and converted them to CA materials complete with bump maps, colors and patterns. I spent a lot of time on it, actually, making sure the bump maps were the right intensity, the materials looked correct in Ray Trace view, etc. Wish I could have done more, but there really are just too many! I figured this is a good place to start.

This is the link to the .CALIB file:

• There are a combination of brick colors and textures from the Sketchup Textures website, as well as some of the more popular Acme bricks I created a while back.
• Each brick material has a corresponding course for sills/lintels.

• There are a few stucco textures both plain and with faux finishes; they "paint" nicely for endless color options.
• The stucco materials have a slight dotted pattern in vector/elevation view.
• Each stucco material also has a version without a pattern for curved moldings and arches.

• I haven't come across many perfect roofing textures in my career, but the ones I've included are pretty true to life.
• The roofing materials have a slight bump map applied to it, but you won't see much of a difference in Ray Trace views.
• Each roofing material has a corresponding ridge cap material (it's the same texture, just a little squished and with a strip pattern for elevation views).

• Great for floors, walls and back splashes, but they are not divided as such.
• I matched the color/pattern of the tiles as best as I could for better elevation views.
• Almost all of the tile materials have bump maps, some are shiny and some are matte.

• CA already comes with great carpet options, so these are limited mostly to patterns/textures. My favorite is the "Geometric Tan"

• Again, not much here because I haven't come across many super great ones. I really only use one repeatedly ("Brown Slim Plank").

See attached preview for examples of the exterior materials in Ray Trace view.


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Brinkbart - I am reluctant to download from that site as I get prompted to click on things that look suspicious to me. I am tired of SPAM. IS there another way to get these?

I did use that site and now I have a "Trovi" search engine that I cannot get rid of. Several other programs also were added to my machine, but I was able to remove all but the Trovi. My free version of Malwarebytes picks it up as malware and I can delete and it still comes back.

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Brinkbart - I am reluctant to download from that site as I get prompted to click on things that look suspicious to me. I am tired of SPAM. IS there another way to get these?


I am very sorry that has happened to everyone. I was unaware that site was malicious. Sometimes these sites show lots of "fake" download buttons to trick users into clicking them. I use AdBlock Plus, so I don't see the fake download buttons; AdBlock sees them as "ads" and removes them.


Attached is a screenshot of what the site looks like for me. Completely spam-free. The real download button is the big green one that you see in my screenshot.


Hope this info helps!




PS. - It's just too big to host here, or even e-mail to anyone. I am planning to work on a website to display/host my offerings which will be completely spam-free. Until then, I'm afraid, we'll have to stick with MediaFire.

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here is what I am getting. I got something else on another attempt. I think your green button was in with it but not now.


Wow. Haha. That is ridiculous. Any other users know exactly which buttons are the right buttons?


Side note: I highly suggest, to anyone, use FireFox or Chrome if just for the AdBlock Plus plug-in alone. Totally worth it. Side benefit: no YouTube ads!

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Jim, you may have to remove it from the registry and the services area's to get rid of it totally.

Thanks, but I don't know how to do anything with the registry. That's a place I don't go. The Trovi search engine is just a nuisance for the most part. I don't do much with the residential stuff, but Brinkbart has posted some good stuff and I tend to download some of the offerings whether I'll use them or not. I should take this opportunity to thank him for his contributions. Along with you and many others that share knowledge on the forums.

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