Suggestion Inquiry? Cl. For Room Label Over Closet? Anyone Else Think That Might Save Time?


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I like room labels running in the same direction and the word CLOSET doesn't fit in a 24" width. So in every plan I change all my closet labels (one at a time) to CL.  


Just wondering if anyone would be opposed to suggesting CL. as the default to save time.


Thanks and Happy Hollidays!




Preemptive (I know a lot of you don't use room labels for expediency, but I do because my project managers like having the sq. ft. of each room for costing).  



Another opportunity would be the ability to highlight more than one room at a time to change room labels.  That would be even more useful.  



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Thanks Perry and Jonathan, both good suggestions!  


Perry, I haven't caught on to the power of macro labels yet, I will have to open my brain to these this year. they look useful.  


Jonathan, thanks also, I'm a fan of the match options tool, but hadn't used it for labels.  


Cheers and thanks for all your help this year.  

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