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Today I put an SSD drive in my computer, took about a couple of hours and WOW!! It is very fast, faster then I have ever seen. You guys gota try this one, if you want more speed. I got a 1TB Samsung 840 EVO. very easy process, anyone can do it, they give you all the software needed.

I one happy GUY NOW. My wife better watch out.

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Today I put an SSD drive in my computer, took about a couple of hours and WOW!! It is very fast, faster then I have ever seen....


Yes they are.

When I built my new box I put a 250GB EVO as the OS drive. What a difference. I still load most of the other files (like CA Libs, etc.) on the HDD. But even with that I can really notice the difference.

Yes Samsung provides a nice set of apps to move the data from the primary drive to the new SSD and to tune the PC setup for the SSD.

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