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I am new to Chief Architect and I have a few questions I'm hoping you can answer for me:


1)  I have a home design I drew up in a MAC program and would like to transfer it to Home Designer or at least import an image of the floor plan to assist redrawing it in Home Designer.


2) The construction method we have selected is SIPs Panels so I was wondering if there is a way to design a house in Home Designer using SIPs Panels.


3) I am in a wheelchair so I am design a fully accessible, barrier free home. I found one catalog with accessible products in it.  Are there any other catalogs you would recommend that also have accessible products in them.


4) Finally, since the house will be fully accessible I will need to have zero entry exits at all entrances to the house.  This will require a lot that slops so that the front of the main level and the back of the lower level are both at ground level.  Any suggestions on how to do this?


I'm sure I'll have many more questions as I learn the program and I appreciate everyones help.

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1. Export from the Mac to a dwg or dxf file for import into Chief (dwg) or into Home Designer (dxf) to then trace over with 3D tools.


2. Yes, there is a SIP wall type in either Chief or HD


3. I would do internet searches for pertinent data and diagrams (doors should all be set to 36" wide and ADA layouts can be obtained via the web for kitchens and bathrooms


4. Do not do that, rather use ramps to entryways otherwise proper drainage will be compromised (the alternative is to design a French drain or drain system to protect the interior of the home against water which is more expensive and maintenance intensive)


If you buy a Home Designer title, I recommend only Home Designer Pro if you are really serious about self home design to plans.



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Chief's terrain tools can handle zero step entry


set floor heights as needed then grade the terrain

for visitability and drainage


here is some info for FYI on zero step entry:



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