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Hey all. I am wondering if there is a way to turn the automatic cabinet fillers off in X6. don't really need them, and i'm not seeing a way to fix that. I am putting two uppers in a corner and dont want them joining, just using a panel on the side of one. I've put the partition between them, they still join into this big stupid looking thing. Any ideas?




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Can I turn off the automatic fillers in just one area or on one specific cabinet?. For instance I do not want the filler on my vanity cabinet but I would like them in the kitchen area and the rest of the house. Thanks in advance!



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      I'm placed a cabinet in a closet and the filler is now between the cabinet and the one adjacent.  I want the filler to be on the other side of the new cabinet so the cabinets are all of equal space between them.  When I move the cabinet closer to the adjacent cabinet, it shortens the adjacent cabinet by 1" (the size of the filler)/  I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.  Any suggestions?!!!  TIA