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I've switched to Chief from using AutoCAD for a very long time and I'm just not getting it. So, I've gone through and designed this 6,000 sq ft house and have all the foundation, floor framing and roof framing done.

My question is basically, What is the best way to send the different plans to layout?


What I did.

Went to foundation level. Turned off all the floor framing members. Dimensioned the foundation walls and footings in the crawl and put any notes I needed on it.

Then I sent it to layout. Perfect. Looks Good.


Next I want to do a floor framing plan. If I turn off dimensions and turn on all the floor framing members it looks good. Next I would like to dimension all the beams and bearing points, but I can't because if so all the dimensions for the foundation show up.


Next I made a cad detail from view of the floor framing plan. Here I'm having a very tough time dimensioning because it snaps to every little dot in the foundation wall.


So what am I missing? What's the best way to go about dimensioning, putting notes on plan, and sending it to layout?


Any help is appreciated. I'm very frustrated at this point.

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Annotation Sets are an absolute must learn tool. Not easy but the (very) basics are you set up an Annotation Set for each plan view type. i.e. Floor Framing will have it's own Annotation Set and within that set you set dimension layers, text layers, CAD layers etc. When you change to that Anno Set all your dims, text etc. are on the proper layer.


Now you want to work on the Foundation. you switch to the Foundation Anno Set and all your dims, text etc. are on their own, separate Layers. Complex but no short cuts.


Google Annotation Sets Chief Architect - there's quite a few videos out there.

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What may help is to download a sample plan like the Riverstone or TimberFrame House and look at the Annotation sets used , you can even export/import them if you like them, (get the layer sets too if so) . Both plans include basic layout files too so you can see how things work.



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Thx :)  I am still trying to wrap my head around Annotation sets and doing ConDocs , so have been looking at the Videos etc recently and went looking for examples , those two plans are complete -ish , the Dalton remodel is not unfortunately far as layouts go but it has Annotation sets to look at too like all Plans.


if you are really unsure about it Walleye have a look at Terry Munson's tips page for his Tutorial tips on Annotation too

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