Break in wall between floors

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It's that "external room" that you have built with the railing wall.

The rooms ceiling is cutting into the cladding.

You can designate one of the railings as No Room Def and the problem goes away.

Or you can uncheck Ceiling Over This Room. 

There are probably other ways as well.


So..., there are a couple of solutions depending on how you want the model built and the purpose of the external rooms.

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1. you haven't set the second floor room to open below ,which causes the issue on the inside  and


2. your have two different wall types sitting on top of each other  at  post height by the looks,causing the exterior issue..




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Thank you both. The railing wall is there only to provide the posts for what will be wrap around porch. The area breaking the Porch is an outline for a fireplace, which will done differently than that shown. Most of the day was spent creating the solids for all the "Red Iron superstructure" and basic floor elevations. There is a CAD layer that shows the 1st and 2nd floor footprint from the owner's vision.

Next is to prep the cantilevered porch or deck supports and send it to my structural engineer for vetting. This is a big project for me but having fun so far. Thanks again for all your support. Once again you guys came through with great support.


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