molding end or return


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    • By MustafaDamus1
      OK chiefs. How do I create cobbling on the wall (outside). I used frieze molding but I face a problem when I come to porch area. My molding disappears. I created the porch with invisible wall. See attached picture of what I want. 
    • By TKInteriors
      Hi there,
      I created a custom molding using polylines then created "Molding" symbol.
      It wraps fine on the inside corners but doesn't connect at the outside corner.
      See attached. And thanks in advance for the help.
      Kind regards, Tamela
    • By SNestor
      Is there anything I can do to either reduce or eliminate the lines the column moldings are producing in vector view?  I did convert the curve to a polyline...and divided the circle into very small parts...but it doesn't seem to help.  
      Any ideas would by great.  Thanks.
      Here's a couple pics...a sample plan is attached also. (Column Molding in Vector View.plan)
    • By kgcvt453
      I am working on a living room/kitchen where I have added a cathedral ceiling and exposed beams.  I wanted to make the walls higher since the beams can't go above the wall height.  After I adjusted my walls to 12' the molding stayed at the default wall height.  How can I move the molding to match the new wall height?

    • By ShowmeCHIEF
      Any one know a good method to draw a crown molded coffered ceiling that is vaulted not flat? I am a less than 1 year user of Premier x9.  I watched a training video on the flat ceiling method for coffering and pulled that off really well but now I need to do a vaulted and coffered ceiling and the same methods didn't work.