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Lees Working.planOk so I'm using x7, doing a remodel. The existing plan has been established. I'm wanting the center area (which was a courtyard) to become heated space, with a 20' ceiling, with high windows in the protruding area. I want to see the walls when I build the second story, and maintain temporarily all the roof planes on the existing plan in order to work on the new roof. When I add 2nd floor, and edit the walls to the shape I am looking for, the walls do not build in 3d view, just the floor and ceiling. If I rebuild the roof, I don't know how to maintain the planes that were auto built before, as they are unedited. However, rebuilding the roof seems to be the only way to get the walls to extend up to the second floor. I must be missing something. Attaching plan...

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      Is it possible to have a cricket on each side of this 21 ft out new gable covered porch?
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      We are adding a one-story kitchen addition to the back of a house, I was thinking a sloped metal roof would look good but cannot figure how to create a different roof (or one that looks correct for this house!) on the kitchen addition jut out that looks correct.    Not reflected in the attached plan is that off of the kitchen addition we will be building a covered porch.   I have attached my file. Thanks for any assistance!  I've looked at some of the CA videos but keep missing the mark.
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      I am trying to figure out how to place a beam in between the 2 walls so that the roof over hang will not jut out like this.
      I am assuming i need to put a beam in here and then the roof will continue on the same plane as the rest of the roof?? but i can't figure out how to do this. Room divider does not work..

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      New upgrade to X15 had a great upgrade to floor trusses. Now I can lose my 3.5" wide joist place holders to keep my Material Lists accurate.
      What I could use to compliment this is the same truss on the rake. I design a lot of homes with at least some portion vaulted and the only way to make the top of windows match the pitch on the interior and exterior is to have the roof and the ceiling be the same pitch as well.
      For my final plans I call out parallel cord trusses. Basically this is a floor truss pitch up to match the rake. Does anyone know if Chief is capable of such a maneuver?
      Thanks to the Group,