Tori of Death


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I'm not sure, but I think something about dropping the shape into my plan made it go nuts. I restarted the program and it works fine now (although I haven't tried a torus again, I'm using cylinders now).

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Not sure if that's the case here but some symbols have a very large face count and need to be fixed, send it in to tech support so they can fix it. Sometimes those things just get installed and they need to know about it as they don't read everything here.

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Update: I'm now getting the "go nuts" behavior all of the time, for no apparent reason. Basically the program just goes into 100% CPU and the draw window is dead.


I quit the program and it seems to be stuck in 50% CPU mode with another 50% CPU used up by kernel_task -- perhaps it crashed and is dumping its brains? It's been about 5 minutes now though. I'm going to force quit I guess. I need to get some work done for my contractor...


What a pain...

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Now some really wierd behavior.


I open my plan, and immediately go into Floor 3D to take a shot of my new project.


I position my 3D camera.


I then hit J to start a Ray Trace.


The Ray Trace dialog has several profiles available, but when I try to select one, it doesn't let me. Really strange. It's as if the drop-down is disabled, but its not.


Starting a new profile from scratch just does nothing, as if I didn't do anything.


After trying a few times though, I got a Ray Trace to work (but I don't know why).

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