Need to move where data is stored on HD for CA


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I am running out of space on my C Drive.

I need to move all CA files that I can to another drive. 

I want to move at least the following: libraries, textures, histories and plans  as they take up a lot of space.

How can I do this and still have CA recognize my libraries, textures, histories and plans that I currently have.








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You can put them basically anyplace you want and use mklink to create a virtual link for Chief's default locations.  This means that you still have the folders that chief expects, but those will be empty and will simply serve as a pointer to the actual folders where your files are located.

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Some of the locations can be changed in Preferences>General>Folders


a lot of stuff is stored in My Documents>CA Data Folder...  so just set the location for the My Documents folder in the Folders Properties , I use an SSD for C:\ so locate all my "Libraries" on a Data drive,

in the case of My Docs it is on D:\  you can also move all your Pics, music ,videos etc like this to free up space on C:\ ,when you hit apply , it will ask you if you want to move all the files to the new location , ok that and it is all done automatically.







To get the Folder locations to show up in the properties DBX make sure you are in your USER folder>My Docs>RC>Properties>Location Tab    ( RC= right click)



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