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  1. How do I change the pad elevation in the terrain dbx? I tried to attach and it was 75% when I hit add reply. I figured it would finish uploading. I will wait till 100% this time:)... Ok, there is the problem. My file is 35mb and it only allows 25mb. How to work around?
  2. Not sure how I look for this, but here is the plan. I did see something about "island walls" and found that and toggled, but I did not see a difference. I have not retoggled it off Thanks Bruce
  3. I have been working on several other parts of my plan and not paying attetion to the main house. Somehow, my house has sunken into the ground. the property is on a hill and now my floor (which was and is still at 0) is now about 100 inches below the grade (file2.jpg)where the main house is located. I have tried selecting the rooms and raising them up (not the properway I am sure) but my "exterior room", which seems to be really screwed up, basically covers the whole floor plan and I cannot select the individual rooms (file1.jpg) How can I correct this? Thanks Bruce
  4. I am also looking for the feet needed of each profile. I am surprised to find out there is not a schedule for trim! But is there a workaround? Thanks Bruce
  5. I have windows that will be dressed with a build up of 4 pieces of molding across the top, 3 pieces at the bottom and then the side will be using 1 piece. How can I create a schedule for the various molding pieces? Most but not all windows will use the same molding (2 window walls wont) Outside trim will be very similar, but different molding. Thanks Bruce
  6. I need to calculate how many gallons of rural reserve fire fighting water. This is based off the volume of the complete structure. How can I calculate this? Thanks Bruce
  7. I want to create a front door that is 36", but, sometimes I may want to bring in a item that is wider.So, you open the "sidelight"-like a DOOR, not like a window. It has the same hardware configuration as a french door, just this portion LOOKS like a sidelight. I have seen this configuration before and it looks very handy. Several questions, WHAT DO YOU CALL this configuration How would you DRAW it in CA? And most important, WHERE CAN I FIND one? I am in the US (california) Looking for fiberglass if possible (directly aimed at sun...) -Not a requirement, but preferred Looking for 3 or more point lock system. Again, not required, but desired. would like a matching sidelight on the other side of the door. Thanks! Bruce
  8. In a bath room I am designing, I have the tub in its own little alcove. I want to barrel and coffer the central area of the alcove.It is actually a barreled ceiling with two flat "ears", one on each end (also coffered I have the barrel done the way I want, but not sure how to coffer. Thanks Bruce
  9. When I load a camera view, or a raster, my colors are WAY WAY WAY off. Is there a way to adjust the colors to be near the proper colors? This is a laptop with nVidia graphics card, and no other program has color issues. WHITE could be a pastel blue. or gray or tan depending on the something, I suppose the angle of the light, but these colors are far from being correct Thanks Bruce
  10. Thanks! I had never heard about mklink! I will play with that tonight! Cheers, Bruce
  11. I am running out of space on my C Drive. I need to move all CA files that I can to another drive. I want to move at least the following: libraries, textures, histories and plans as they take up a lot of space. How can I do this and still have CA recognize my libraries, textures, histories and plans that I currently have. Thanks! Bruce
  12. I am looking for several Rev A Shelf items for CA. X6 I am looking for RAS-ML-HDCR (Mixer/Appliance lift) and 4WCSD-1535DM-1 4WCSD 35 Quart Wood Bottom Mount Waste Container Kit Thanks, Bruce
  13. Good Idea! Thanks! The Artemis was a pay for site: and The Traditional Gryo:(Free) Mc
  14. I found some 3d models that I imported!