Stepped Foundation wall


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Hello everybody,


Can anyone help out?


This is a full height Basement (Floor Level is -94") with one room being even Lower (Floor Level -154")


Two Problems:

1. I couldn't delete that wrap around under the full Basement.

2. That wall shown here on the right of the Picture needs to be stepped butt he system will either lower or raise the whole wall and will not allow me to step as required.


Thanking in advance for any suggestion/help/etc.


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1.  Not sure what that is.  Probably should post the plan and someone will be able to figure it out.


2.  Sounds like you need to add a "break" to the wall.  While in an elevation view looking at the wall, you can add a break point along the top or bottom and then drag the wall up or down and it should only move the one part.


This tech article might help:


Or this video:


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Thanks for taking the time to review my Post.


I'm attaching the Plan here, It's drawn on x11


For Problem 1.

Open the Plan & generate a 3D you will see the Issue right away.


For Problem 2.

I know I need a Wall break and that's what I actually did, but when starting to Drag up that broken wall segment, the system automatically reconnected all segments of the Wall into one.


Pls review.

Thanks in advance for your time and will to help!!!

Hope you come up with a solution!  


Pls note; I'm with CA from 2017 x8 so don't hesitate to get into decaled commands.


Wishing you all the Best.

220 for Post.plan

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1. Still don't know what is causing this.  My guess is it has something to do with the room that gets selected when you click on it in a camera view.  Maybe take a look at the floor/ceiling heights or the structure settings. I am surprised someone else hasn't posted a solution yet either.  


2.  Sounds like you added a break in a plan view.  Try adding the break while in an elevation view instead.


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Your default ceiling height for the foundation was set at 20”.  I changed the default to 96”; then on one side it appears you wanted a crawl space?  I changed those rooms to a ~42” ceiling – and set them to NOT have a floor.   In an elevation view, I used the wall break tool and adjusted those walls upward.  Hope that helps.




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