Floor And Ceiling Heights, Room Below


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Using X15

Ranch House.

1st Floor Defaults: From Defaults, Default Settings, Floors And Rooms, 1st Floor:
     Absolute Elevations:
     Ceiling: 97-1/8"
     Floor: 0 (Greyed Out)
     Floor Below:  -103 1/2
   Relative Elevations:
     Rough Ceiling: 97 1/8"
     Finished Ceiling: 95 7/8"
     SWT To Ceiling: 97 1/8" (Greyed Out)

     Ceiling Below:  93 1/2"
     Stem Wall:  97 1/2"
0 Floor Defaults: From Defaults, Default Settings, Floors And Rooms, Floor 0 Defaults:

     Absolute Elevations:
     Floor Above: 0" (Greyed Out)
     Ceiling -10" (Greyed Out)
     Floor: -103 1/2"
     Relative Heights:
     Rough Ceiling: 93 1/2"
     Finished Ceiling: 92 3/4"

     SWT To Ceiling: 93 1/2"

     Ceiling Below: Blank
     Stem Wall 97 1/2"

     SWT= Stem Wall Top (Greyed Out)
     Roof Over This Room, (Checked)
     Flat Ceiling Over This Room, (Checked)
     Ceiling Finish: 0
     Floor Under This Room (Checked)
     Room Supplies Floor for the Room Above (Unchecked)


From the dialoge box for the room:

First Floor Absolute Elevations:
     Floor Elevation 0

     Ceiling Elevation 97-1/8"

     Floor Below -103 1/2"
First Floor Relative Elevations:

    Ceiling Elevations 97-1/8"

    Finished Ceiling 95-3/4"

    SWT To Ceiling 97-1/8 (this box is greyed out, cannot be changed)
    Ceiling Below:  No Change (why is this not a dimension?)
    Stem Wall:  No Change (again, why no dimension here?)

As far as I can tell, it all looks correct.


In the Room Specification Dialog Box, it forces a stem wall height of 113 1/2".  If I change it to the default setting of 97 1/2", it changes the floor below (basement floor) to be 77 1/2".
How do I control these settings so everything lines up with the default settings.
Zip file of the plan is attached

Thanks in advance.




10-20-2023 Appolonia New Conditions Plan.zip

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Looking at your plan, firstly I was surprised to find how many rooms were not following the default floor height.


Just that lavender bit there in the center. All that orange os +16", the red areas though are the problem.

It probably would make more sense for all of the left side to be default 0", with the kitchen being -16". It's just easier to manage.

But that red area is causing a lot of problems. That whole area has the Floor Supplied by Foundation Below option set, putting their floor heights at -102/-103


this is causing a big issue because the top portion of the Butler's Pantry spans two rooms below it. One of those rooms goes under the Kitchen. That's why there's all these "No Change" values, it has no idea what to say the Ceiling height is for those rooms downstairs because they have multiple values to choose from.


Without digging into this whole thing, I'd say start with fixing that area, get the Floor Supplied By Room Below thing under control. If those rooms are supposed to be poured like the garage, then you'll want to make sure the foundation below it makes sense for those rooms.

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The 0'0" elevation is the existing kitchen, to the right is the existing entry, and to the right of that the existing garage elevation.  To the left of the 0'-0" the floor rises 16".
So it took a couple of hours to manipulate and now almost everything is correct.  I have some minor adjustments to the existing entrance way and the garage, but I will eventually get it.   The whole issue is that Chief is always "correcting" what I want.
When I started this plan, I was going to do it in a program other than Chief, (I use them both and each has its pros and cons) and I should have gone with my gut.  Everything in the other program is independently adjustable, so you can set elevations for everything, including individual wall heights just as I would if I were in the field framing.  Don't get me wrong, Chief is great for something that is straightforward, ranches, colonials, whatever where there are no steps in floors, roofs, or foundations and I use it a lot for those homes.  This is my first drawing in Chief 15, and I wanted to see if 15 would do any better than previous versions with the "meat and potatoes" of the structure as opposed to the rendering, interiors, etc., where I think Chief has it all over the other program.  But for getting an accurate model going forward, it's back to the other program for anything that is not more or less a straightforward design.
I will probably end up doing what I do so often in Chief, send everything 2D to the layout, then capture the Elevation Views as CAD files, make the necessary Elevation View adjustments in the CAD view and be done with it.  Annotations are way more efficient in Chief, which is one of the primary reasons I like it.
Thanks for you input and help.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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Does this look correct?

You have most of the rooms and some foundation walls not set to use "default". I'd start there. Go to Edit>reset to defaults. Choose floor zero...and reset top/bottom of walls and floors/ceilings. This may not fix everything...as you have similar issues on the Floor 1. 




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