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I'm not an expert on mono-slabs...but, can someone tell me why the wall intersections leave these "remnants". It's like the software does not know that that just because an interior wall intersects with an exterior wall with a brick ledge that the ledge should continue through.


Is this user error...or, some sort of software glitch? 

Plan attached...X15 using Chiefs OOB template



Mono Slab Example Plan.plan


2023-09-25_16-10-45.thumb.png.3b7bfed922ef90a491be6d5a35888a2f.png 2023-09-25_16-08-17.thumb.png.f78ce573fd8fcd72ffa2526c0f647c93.png

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that worked,  but if you then break in half because the footing at garage is 12" wide and the other 15" wide,  the problem comes back.


Being out here on the west coast with the rest of the nuts,  we do not do the brick ledge so I had not noticed the issue.

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3 hours ago, solver said:

I dragged the footing from right to left across to the far corner and it seems to have cleared up.

Also noticed the brick overhanging -- is this correct?




Eric...the idea on the brick ledge is that I want the slab to be an even number past the main layer. The brick veneer + air space + OSB sheathing is 5 7/16. I offset the slab 1-7/16 to make the extended ledge an even 4". I probably would not do this was a test. I'd probably have to make the ledge at least 5". 


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