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My ceiling molding is not wrapping a soffit all the way.  I am creating a shower.  When I put a glass wall at the doorway, no molding appears. When I place a pony wall the same thing.

How can I get the molding to wrap the soffit all the way?

Thank you!


Chief Molding Floor Plan.png

Chief Molding Issue .png

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34 minutes ago, sthieldesign said:

I was trying to avoid that, does not always line up correctly.


You can convert the existing molding to a molding polyline, then extend it around the missing spaces of the room and it will line up.

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This may all depend on how you created the molding.


If your crown molding is done through the room dialog, you may have a wall that is marked as not having a molding.  You may also have a room divider or other wall and you may have one room without the crown molding.


If your crown molding is done through a cabinet soffit, a soffit can span multiple rooms and the moldings can get messed up when this happens.  I have sometimes used a countertop instead of a soffit to solve problems like this.


As Chris pointed out, you can also convert a room molding into a molding polyline and then modify the shape or turn on/off the molding on any edges you need to.  It would be nice if we could also do this for cabinet/soffit/counter moldings.


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