Beginner Needing some help :-( (Can't get a 2 walls to function properly)- File Attached


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Hello All,


Can someone lend me a hand on figuring out how to fix the attached file. I have 2 walls that something isn't right on. Below is a screenshot also. The front left and back right wall are doing strange things. The front left one extends out to nowhere essentially and the back right wall is showing just a top plate and nothing else. 


Thank you all for any assistance you can give me. I am very new to chief architect.


Thank you all again!!Untitled 1.plan






Also, an additional issue I am seeing can also be seen in the above photos. There is something strange going on with the ceiling in the open area, I am seeing plywood for some reason.

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Thank you all for your individual replys here. 


One of the biggest things I didn't realize was that you could break the polyline for the roof plane. This caused 2 of my issues which were addressed in Mr. Potters video. (The extension of the plane around the corner for the "return"/ wraparound. The reason my wall in that area was partially disappearing was because I was extended the whole roof plane into the wall rather than breaking the plane at the corner and only extending from the corner to the low point of the roof plane. A similar issue corrected the area where I had 2 roof planes seated side by side instead of using the break tool and extended only a section of the roof plane over the small ledge in the plans.



Thank you so much for the video you provided explaining some of the key points/ issues that were created from me not knowing the software to a large degree. You taught me so many things just walking through my attempt at using chief architect. One of the big things you taught me was to be a little more strict on my usage of the default settings, instead of like I did-- just going through and blowing the defaults out through brute force individual room changes and it messing things up for me in the future as it did.




Thank you for taking the time to apply the proper changes to the file I provided in my thread. I am very appreciative of that. It looks fantastic. I really appreciate that again.


Thank you all so much again for what you have taught me!!

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