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  1. @solver @DavidJPotter @Mark3D Thank you all for your individual replys here. One of the biggest things I didn't realize was that you could break the polyline for the roof plane. This caused 2 of my issues which were addressed in Mr. Potters video. (The extension of the plane around the corner for the "return"/ wraparound. The reason my wall in that area was partially disappearing was because I was extended the whole roof plane into the wall rather than breaking the plane at the corner and only extending from the corner to the low point of the roof plane. A similar issue corrected the area where I had 2 roof planes seated side by side instead of using the break tool and extended only a section of the roof plane over the small ledge in the plans. @DavidJPotter Thank you so much for the video you provided explaining some of the key points/ issues that were created from me not knowing the software to a large degree. You taught me so many things just walking through my attempt at using chief architect. One of the big things you taught me was to be a little more strict on my usage of the default settings, instead of like I did-- just going through and blowing the defaults out through brute force individual room changes and it messing things up for me in the future as it did. @Mark3D Thank you for taking the time to apply the proper changes to the file I provided in my thread. I am very appreciative of that. It looks fantastic. I really appreciate that again. Thank you all so much again for what you have taught me!!
  2. Hello All, Can someone lend me a hand on figuring out how to fix the attached file. I have 2 walls that something isn't right on. Below is a screenshot also. The front left and back right wall are doing strange things. The front left one extends out to nowhere essentially and the back right wall is showing just a top plate and nothing else. Thank you all for any assistance you can give me. I am very new to chief architect. Thank you all again!!Untitled 1.plan Also, an additional issue I am seeing can also be seen in the above photos. There is something strange going on with the ceiling in the open area, I am seeing plywood for some reason.
  3. Mick, Yes!! That is much more like it. Yeah I saw it floating but was just getting to the point where I was annoyed with it so I threw my hands up and posted another question. (I figured if I could get the carport to look right, surely I could get it to the right elevation with some work) I think the rebuilding is where I mess up sometimes, I make so many mistakes that I think the program freaks out on me and doesn't know what to do (Because my attic level on plan showed attic walls but the 3D never generated them). Also, thank you for catching the roof issue on the actual house, I also caught it last night. That is def due to me rebuilding roof planes and forgetting to check the edited checkbox when rebuilding so that chief wouldn't touch those planes. The no slab may just be from me not knowing what I'm doing :-) That cedar is awesome. Mick thank you so much for taking your time to work on this to help me! I am learning slowly but surely!!
  4. Guys, I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. Now i can't get the gables to close up to the roof on the same building structure? Any ideas? (I have the gable checked in the wall specification for the end walls) I'm sorry I'm such a pain btw... DadHouse.plan
  5. Mick, I'm headed to go update my signature as we speak. Thank you for the "heads up."
  6. Believe it or not, I was "on" to what was going on. I had just started down the thought process of what you all answered and proved to be true. I had it on the "0" layer by design but didn't really know the caveat that you guys just informed me of. The backstory of that small file is my dad is wanting a covered open carport where the walkout basement was and we were trying a few different designs (roof styles/ sizes etc.)-- I thought the framing post were causing the issue so I put walls in. I tried 100 different things before I came to the forums for help (of course many of the things I tried made no since but I was trying my best). :-) Also, I just wanted to say you guys are great. Every time I come to this forum with my small/ somewhat beginner problems, you all are so helpful and never any judgment. Honestly, thank you all so much! Again, thank you all for helping me out with this one. *side note, by profession, I am a civil engineer/ PE so a lot of the programs we use take a definite amount of "massaging" to get the results we want and I see that may also be true on the architectural side of things.
  7. Thank you all for your quick responses. I am using chief architect premier x7. I am using the all on set. I select from build menu, roof truss. Then I go to the non gable wall, left click to start drawing of truss (it doesn't even change the style of the drag to look like a truss) and then when I release on the opposite non gable wall, it gives the question: "Could not create roof truss at this location because no roof planes were found. Would you like to create a general framing member instead?" I want to say there is a bug with the version of chief I am using but I know there isn't because I created a new file and was able to create trusses on the building I drew in the new file. That makes me ask is there a way to copy everything from my existing file (land/ house etc.) to a new file so that I can complete the building portion that I am having problems with. As I stated previously, I don't really understand what could be causing this at all. Thank you all for any additional responses you may have.
  8. So I have started to look into my problem above even more and when I create a gable building in a new file and try to apply a roof truss to the structure, everything works the way it should. So next I copied this structure (made in a completely new file) into the file (DadHouse) that I previously attached and it stripped the ability to add the truss to the structure... I don't know what's going on... Does anyone have any ideas for me. Thank you all again!!
  9. Hi everyone, Could I get someone to look at the attached file in order to help me understand how to get a truss roof on the simple building that is shown 200' or so to the right of the house in the file. I am a beginner user and have read many of the user resources for pole barns etc from chief architect. However, I am having an impossible time putting trusses for the roof on the small building. It keeps saying "can't find roof plane" or something of that nature. Could someone take a look at the building I am speaking of and help me understand what I am not doing. Thank you all so much for your help and sorry for asking what I believe is a simple question, but I just can't get the roof trusses to generate. DadHouse.plan
  10. Thank you so much GlennW for the detailed answer. All is resolved with the model we were speaking about. Thank you so much!!
  11. I have went around to ensure endpoint is to endpoint. No connection between an arc and spline is acting appropriately. What am I doing wrong?- This seems like it should be an easy process that has turned into a nightmare. Is my border too complex? (Sorry for my questioning but I am at a loss for what is going on) Thank you for your help.
  12. Hello all and thank you in advance!!! Could I get someone to take a look at my plan and tell me what could be causing my problem. I have a closed region (what I believe is a closed region at least) made up of splines, lines, and arcs that I can't seem to set to set as a "terrain feature" for some reason. The group of lines is essentially going to be a border all the way around the house that will contain plantings etc. When you open the plan, the region I am talking about is 150 feet to the right of the home. Thank you all!!-- I know this is going to be an easy fix, but I just don't know what I have done wrong/ messed up... -Weston My plans is at: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BymwM52lyoY1YVNTVmhZdFJLSTg&usp=sharing
  13. Thank you again Eric. As always, perfect useful responses. Thank you for helping get all of that straightened out. It all worked like a charm! -Weston
  14. Solver, Thank you for your response. It worked great!! An additional question regarding this same issue. In my house that angled wall is actually white in the closets and yellow everywhere else. Is there anything I can do to make that a reality in my model? (Would I have to make additional roof planes to fix it to where it matches my physical house exactly?)
  15. Alaskan_son, No I am actually talking about the angled ceiling/ wall to the left and right of the polyline solid.
  16. Alaskan_Son, Please see the attached. (The second floor bedrooms is where this "situation" occurs.) .Plan and .doc file can be viewed at: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BymwM52lyoY1YVNTVmhZdFJLSTg&usp=sharing
  17. Hello all and thank you in advance for your responses! Could I get some help on how to take care of the attached? I am a new user and am having some issues with painting the ceiling (roof plane interior different colors)- I would like the flat ceiling to be white and the angled wall which is considered to be a ceiling pale yellow. Is there a way to do this? everything seems connected when I try to use the blend color tool on the angled surface, it also modifies the flat ceiling. Thank you all again.-- Also, if my .plan file is required, please respond and I can post as necessary.
  18. Solver, Have you been able to look at the upstairs closet on the right side of the house? The dormer create the walls for that closet but when looking at my 3d floor view for the upstairs looking in that direction, it seems as if there is no wall there at all. (I can see through the closet from the study room right into the right bedroom. How do I go about fixing that area?- I believe this should be my last question on my house. Thank you again for your patience with me...
  19. Solver, thank you for your help! Thank you all for your help! I believe all of the problems I was concerned about have been fixed. Thank you all again!!
  20. Yes, this is what my original attempts were. Using this method, I was unable to get the program to build the 4 pitch over the porch and a 12 pitch over the house using the auto roof feature. Also, so far using the auto roof feature when including the porch it seems that the high point of the roof gets shifted towards the front of the house by a few inches and isn't centered on the house.
  21. Also, I am hesitant to use the 'ignore top floor' because I believe this causes the rafters to set on the first floor walls from what I have read. I believe the roof of the the physical house sets either on the second floor subfloor or a set of small knee walls that run around the near and far side of the second floor.
  22. After just trying this also. I noticed all generated as in your screenshot. However, I noticed that the top of the roof was shifted towards the front of the house and is not centered on the house anymore (I know this can more than likely be fixed by turning off auto rebuild and shifting the roof planes around slightly) however the bigger issue I am having after using this method is that the auto dormers can't find anything to attach themselves to.(my measurements here in the house show the ceiling in the main rooms upstairs to be 96.5" approximate and 88.5" approximate while standing in the dormers.) Solver, thank you for helping me work through this. (I believe I may have tried this method on my own a few days ago and kept running into the the dormers not attaching themselves anymore so I gave up on this method) What could be causing the dormers to not find an attachment point after rebuilding the roof in this manner?
  23. Solver, I made the changes to the front railing specification (made up of 3 railing pieces) but the result did not throw in the additional pitch that I am looking for on the porch section (the 4 pitch). I sent the forward house pitch down to the first level (not physically but using the "view on lower level" button) so that I could see the roof plane in relation to my porch railings and the file is at the link below if you would like to view my modifications. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BymwM52lyoY1Z3FFSm9FbkhaTkU/view?usp=sharing Is there something I need to do to get the roof to regenerate based on the modifications made to the railing (wall) specification? Thank you all again for everything!
  24. One other question I developed is about an odd situation I am having in the second floor of the plan where the dormers frame into the main roof line. In my house the dormer forms an interior wall that closes off the upstairs closet on both sides. (One of the walls of the upstairs closet is created by one of the 4' dormer walls and the other wall of the closet is formed by the 8'6" dormer wall. However when I place a floor camera upstairs and look at that area, there is a opening that lets you look through the closet as if there are walls in the space. Could you all tell me what is causing that issue? Thank you all again for helping walk through this first design and troublehooting the issues with me.
  25. Thank you DMDesigns! Yeah, those steaks on the grill are thanks to 3dwarehouse from Trimble's sketchup community. It is looking like I could manually draw the the 4:12 porch, I was just trying to get the auto roofing to work in hopes that it would make the auto framing look good and correct without much headache when I get to that point. Could you guys/ girls tell me, do people really use the framing portion of the program? (to help contractors etc.?) with the layout of the house or is the framing portion more of a "gimmick" than useful?-- The reason I ask is when I autoframed the house a few hours ago, it did really unusually things where the two roofs meet (from the porch to the roof pitch.) Everyone here seems so nice and helpful! Thank you all for your helpful responses and the help I am getting on my first attempt with chief.