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Guys, I am starting to find some of the limitations that I see discussed in the forums and am wondering if this is one of those. The current plan I am working on has various footing widths and depths specified by the engineer for the foundation walls. While trying to create a wall schedule that will show each wall based on footing width and depth and when I look at the available macro's under Object Properties for a macro I don't see anything specific to the footing depth. Anyone know if this property exists for a foundation wall?



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5 hours ago, wazzubrad said:

I don't see anything specific to the footing depth. Anyone know if this property exists for a foundation wall?


It does not.  I suspect the main reason Chief hasn't provided it (aside from not enough people sending in requests) is because although we can set a default height, the truth is that the height can be absolutely anything (even an infinite number of values) for any given wall because the footing shape can be freely resized/reshaped in elevation.  Here's what we do have though:

  • thickness of footing - This actually reports what I would call the width though
  • area of footing - This reports the cross sectional area of the footing polyline
  • length of wall - This reports the length of the wall though which may or may not match the length of the footing

You can get a very rough approximation of the footing height by taking the area and diving that by the length of the wall, but the results will depend on how the footing joins with adjacent footings and on whether or not the wall or its footing has been resized/reshaped in elevation.  Its almost never going to be completely accurate. 



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