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  1. Hey John, for Braced Wall/Shear I use a website called Braceline. Its very similar to the APA Shear Calc site or the Simpson Calc, but in my opinion is very easy to use. It's $40 per month, has a few YouTube videos to train you up. I think there is also a 30 day trial. For everything else (tall walls, etc), it goes to my Engineer.
  2. Mick, I updated to the 528.24 Studio version today and so far everything is working. All of the triggers that would crash CA prior are working fine now. Have only had a half day of test on it, but so far so good.
  3. Guys, I am starting to find some of the limitations that I see discussed in the forums and am wondering if this is one of those. The current plan I am working on has various footing widths and depths specified by the engineer for the foundation walls. While trying to create a wall schedule that will show each wall based on footing width and depth and when I look at the available macro's under Object Properties for a macro I don't see anything specific to the footing depth. Anyone know if this property exists for a foundation wall?
  4. Ok, that makes sense that Auto Detail has filled in for some of those materials. Like the idea of creating molding profile fill pattern and adding to my library. Thanks again Rob
  5. Guys. I am still going through this trying to get it dialed in and accurate. I marked Ryan's post as the solution, thank you for the reminder. Chopsaw, I am learning basics of Ruby as time allows so hopefully will get these custom fields dialed in and schedules will be correct. Thanks again
  6. Rob, this detail is awesome and I have made this my next project to figure out and implement. I am having trouble getting the fills to show up. I have went through all of the settings that I can think of to make sure I have fills set correctly and I still can't get them to show. I turned Layers to All On and that didn't do it either. 1) Any ideas on what I am missing on the fills? 2) Did you manually label the 2x4 and 2x6, or is this a macro, or is this a label setting I am missing? Love that idea
  7. Ryan, this is awesome and very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.
  8. Anyone know how I can get the Fascia, Soffit, Drip Edge to add to the Schedule? I can't locate in the Category List, it's not under Roof Trim, in my setup anyways. But Frieze board, Gutter, and Ridge Cap is.
  9. Done, added snip of Schedule DBX to prior reply above showing the Schedule Label setting. Thanks Chopsaw
  10. Chopsaw, I did attempt to update my signature two days ago, see snip below. Apparently I am doing this in the wrong location though as it's not taking in the posts. Is your comment based solely on my signature? Also, I marked VHampton's post as the solution when I found it worked. Also, I provided my settings for the label setup that I liked the best, directly above your post
  11. Here is the settings I used to get the label setup I have shown;
  12. Guys, when a door or window schedule is created, it changes the label on each window and door to the schedule label. Is it possible to show both the Schedule and Size for the label rather than just the Schedule label? I have tried various settings with the Door/Window labels to get this to work and haven't found a setting that allows this.
  13. For anyone who runs into this same problem that I created, I realized that when editing a Cad Detail, you can also set the Line Weight Options for Cad Details in the Drawing Sheet Setup dialog under File->Print->Drawing Sheet Setup. When I changed the Line Weights there to match my Plan and Layout files, it fixed the Line Weights on my schedules and everything looks correct now.
  14. Ryan, I set the plan and layout files to 1:200MM and it cleared up the issue in the 3D Exterior Elevation. But this has created a new issue for me as would need adjust all of the line weight values on the layers I changed previously. I will need to decide which setting is preferable for me.
  15. As far as I know the Line Weights are set in Print -> Drawing Sheet Setup, so I am assuming the "rest of the plan" is set per the snip. Is there somewhere else I should look? I have setup the line weights this way per a suggestion I read prior in the forums and am trialing the look. I had to go through and adjust quite a few layers with new line weight settings which it looks like it's working well so far.
  16. I created the door schedule within Cad Detail Management in my Plan file. I do setup custom line weights via Print -> Drawing Sheet Setup (snip below) and was going through editing my new X14 Template when I found this issue. Here is a link to my plan file; http://gofile.me/5m788/kaxgaD8Qj
  17. I can't seem to find which layer or setting that pertains to the "3D Exterior Elevation" which appears on a schedule? For example; the picture of the doors on this door schedule have a line weight setting that isn't going to work. Any ideas how to change this?
  18. Ok, I see your snips there and I was able to get it to work out. Thank you!
  19. This is my Custom Schedule, but I think I need to learn more about schedules as I don't have the Qty's or Area Sq Ft showing up on the schedule
  20. I am trying to learn how I can get Material Lists or Schedules with Material List info, to export to Layout. I am trying to add some value to my drawings to make it easier for my guys to do takeoff's. For example; create a schedule that shows, Material Type, Qty, Description, etc. and then export that to Layout. I have found that although we can generate a Material List with this information, the Material List (AFAIK) can't be exported to Layout. If that is indeed true, then how can we get this information to show up on a Schedule? Specifically, I am trying to get my roof shingles to show up on a Custom Schedule. Any ideas on how I can tackle this?
  21. I want to 2nd Rene’s suggestion to start with a new template. I have had zero crashes since I took Rene’s suggestion a couple weeks ago.