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My client has hired me to provide various exterior facade ideas for her new home build.  Building is no issue but the roof is where I am having difficulty with in this particular plan,  Usually I have no problem creating roofs  but this has various pitches and I can't seem to follow the architects roof planes.


I have been watching videos and working on this plan for several days looking at this roof for 2 full days trying to figure out the planes and roof styles in this architectural plan.


Can you look at this PDF  and my roof plan


I would appreciate it if someone can let me know what I am missing in my thought  process to get the roof right - probably  making mountain out of a mole hill or looking at it too long


In the meantime I will carry on with the exterior and keep at the roof


Many Thanks







my roof planes.png

TS- 1536 Lambert house WD (6)[67].pdf

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I have fixed the issue.
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The roofs are all over the place.

This should be easy to do with auto roofs.

I don't think I can have a really good look for a couple of days.

Try this:

Change the wall on the upper floor over the front entry by unchecking Upper Pitch.

Same for the upper floor gable wall at the rear.

Open Build Roof dbx.

Turn on Auto Rebuild Roofs

Change pitch to 8:12.

Auto build roofs


That should get you most of the way there.

To fine tune, use the Roof panel settings in the wall dbx.

ie, Looks like the porch rooms need to have their pitch changed.

I will let you have a play - I did the one on the front left.

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 10.28.16 pm.jpg

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  Hi, my name is alan shorter. I  can help you, but what do you want the roofs to do. You are showing an unequal sloped roof, if this is

what you want I can help - from a  framing carpenter perspective.                                

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