New Austin Remodel sample


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ChiefArchitect posted pretty cool Austin remodel plan and the layout.


After playing with it a bit, noticed an issue with "Solar diagram" and just letting them know. This diagram has many mistakes... I know it never meant to be real...


But in case you are interested:

- Solar panels are wired in series, and those series are wired in parallel, where VOC [voltage at open] of a panel x number of panels should not exceed max DC input on an inverter. So if your inverter max DC input voltage 240v and a [72 cel] solar panel produces 41v - You can have a max of 6 panels [or better 5] per series. Adding "up to 20" together could produce super high voltage.

- "Parallel Consolidator" can serves as [Combiner] for these parallel strings. Multiple groups let say of 6 panels output combined together. Not needed if you only have one string.

- A "Charge controller" is what charges the batteries  and Alternative Current L1 and L2 never comes anywhere near those batteries, rather only connect to the inverter.

- An inverter what produces the AC current, feed by DC  [or AC] and decides when to charge the batteries or consume thus powers a charge controller. 

- A battery bank would only get + and - from the charge controller. [may need a disconnect or a fuse]  

- An AC neutral leg is not the same as - terminal from the solar strand.



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