Minimum Display Size? Dimensions too big when scrolled out?


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Hi all,

I've never made sense of the Minimum Display Size control which is supposed to control the size of dimensions when you scroll in and out. 


This control can be found in the Preferences dbx under Appearance--last item in the box.  See images.    zero or 1 is supposed to stop dimensions from changing size, then you can increase the size with a higher number.  Dimensions still scramble when I use a 1 or zero in the size.  .  


I'm working on something small and it would be great if the dimensions wouldn't scramble.  Anyone ever figure this out?  


Thank you,


Zoomed in is fine.jpg


1 or zero scrambles when zoomed out.jpg

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Leave it on Zero.....


The issue here I think though is you need to make a new Dimension Default for working on smaller Areas eg CAD Details....


ie. make a 1" scale , 2" scale and 3" scale Dimension default.


ie 1" Scale





you haven't done you Sig. so no idea which version you are or etc


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I have my Dimensions: set to 8 pixels in appearances and haven't encountered what you are referring to when working with something small. For small work, I set the Dimension Line Specification to smaller number heights. CA version?

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