What is "partition wall" referencing and what does it do?


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My assumption was a partition wall simply meant it was not baring any weight, but it appears to have some different characteristics in chief and checking it makes it's connections awkward or not show up correctly.

So?  What is a partition wall and why would I check it?




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5 minutes ago, DeLayDesign said:

I did;  It was actually very helpful.  I'm curious to see if it helps with some of the issues I've had using 'glass walls' in the past.


I just used a 'glass wall' and in my Chief it defaults to 'partition wall'. Tried it with other walls and it seems to partition on one end but not both. Either way, learned something new today...


Redefined an individual wall to partition and it behaves as defined in help. Cool.

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1 hour ago, DeLayDesign said:

Thanks!  That helps.  I'll look there first next time.


The F1 key will always bring up context sensitive help in CA too....


I find the Manual PDF easier to search in many cases than the new Online help though...

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