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I am having issues with using the "active views" on Sheet Layouts. I just recently found this and thought it would save me a lot of time.


What I'm having an issue with:

1. It seems to be very slow, but I'm not sure if that's because of the file size? Or because I know have a bunch of Active Views for both Exterior and Interior 3D views?

2. After sending an active view to the layout sheet, It works great until I "File Save as" a new file (when I have to make changes to a design). When I go to "Relink File" and "Update View", it re sizes the image back to the original size, so I then have to resize / zoom the image back in large to fit onto the Layout.


Any ideas on how to keep the active image resized and only have to relink / update the view?


I have attached some Images to help explain.


thanks in advance,



Resized Active Views.JPG

Active Views Zoomed out.JPG

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I have sent these issue into tech support. 


1.  Some people turn their camera views to plot lines to speed up layouts, then turn them back to update on demand to print.


2.   Frustrating for sure when you're trying to show a client multiple options.  The best option I've found is to copy plan and layout to a new folder and not change the plan name.  The layout will stay linked.  The downside is all the plans have the same name.  It also makes having a default layout template (with views already sent from a template plan) less than ideal.


Please report it so we can get it fixed. 

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9 hours ago, MoeGia said:

1.  Some people turn their camera views to plot lines to speed up layouts, then turn them back to update on demand to print.

You sure you don’t have this backward?  Plot lines take far longer to update than live views do.  I feel like I must be missing something.  

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This was in reference to the OP's first question regarding slow layout speed.  Live views slow the layout down.  I often copy my layout file for final construction plans and delete all camera views so the layout doesn't bog down.  Others turn their live views to plot lines so they can effectively work, then turn them back to live view for printing.

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