Ships Ladder / Steep Stair

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I was able to make a steep stair by adjusting the overhang but the treads overhang the sides as well.

Tried adding a wall next to the stair but an invisible wall will not trim the overhang but a regular wall will.

Maybe I missed a setting.

The stair could be pushed up against the exterior wall but needs to be trimmed on the interior side.

I tried to use a railing wall but it will not follow stairs if over the right overhang.

CA Ships ladder.JPG

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30 minutes ago, ACADuser said:

This is more of what I was after.

Perhaps I should just use solids to make it?


Ships Ladder.JPG

Well... as per your pic, generally the tread gets fairly narrow in a 'ladder' stair....but I was able to get what you want..


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Use the closed sided stringers option then the exagerated tread overhang won't apply to the side.

Edit: While the 'closed sided' stringer does the trick I actually used the custom stringer option and set the above and below numbers to zero to reduce the stringer  size as much as possible. ( I hid the stringer so you could see the tread size and overhang)

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