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Just now, basketballman said:

" Help,

   having trouble creating a 5' x 5' diamond window ( see image below ) "

eh diamond window.jpg

Look at the shape panel (arch) of the window dbx.

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5 minutes ago, basketballman said:

First place I looked, but not seeing how shape panel would do this ... ?

Can you figure out how to make the top into a diamond shape?  If so look slightly lower in the box to a little button that says reflect vertically (or something like that, not at my comp.)

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As Eric mentions there is lots of results for this same item.  I happened to have a second so look at this:


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Not that intuitive, other than diamond and dogear both begin with a "d."  You need to fiddle your way through all the arch types to get there.  Even the word "arch," is too broad, and not really descriptive of a peaked diamond-shaped window.



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