trying to get a 1foot terrain retaining wall

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when I watch


the retaining wall bottom looks like it is at the bottom of the terrain. When I draw a retaining wall, it draws to the bottom of the foundation. 


All I want is a 1 foot retaining wall to even out the ground for stairs. Instead it builds it 8 feet and then drops the terrain behind it. Even if I go into elevation and resize to one 1 ft, it will not rebuild the terrain behind it to be only 1 ft.


I tried with no luck

changing the foundation defaults prior to building the terrain foundation wall: no luck

changing the terrain skirt size

changing the hieght of the wall in elevation view

attaching it to the house foundation


Seems so simple when I watch the videos. What am I missing?










when I change the wall size in elevation:






Mark VR.plan

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You need to tell the terrain what to do.

Place an Elevation Line at 0" on the high side of the wall.

Or, drag the Elevation Region so that its left hand edge is just on the high side of the wall.

Place an Elevation Line at -12" at the low side of the wall.

You can drag the top or bottom of the wall up or down to fine tune it.

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 1.22.11 pm.jpg

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 1.29.06 pm.jpg

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Thanks, ironically, I did that (added in two lines,before and after) about the same time you were writing it. so good to know that is the correct way


I watched the videos again, and the difference in size of retaining wall image.thumb.png.8dad2644328b0aa8cbb3c02d155e1d83.pngis her terrain does not go to the bottom of her foundation. Mine does because it is a walkout.  So when she draws the terrain wall it is only a couple feet deep.



Anyhow, thanks for helping.






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