Creating a Symbol - importing a 2D block

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I am trying to create a new sink symbol by adding a separate more detailed 2D block. However, my new 2D CAD Block is not listing the CAD Block Management file, so I cannot link it to the symbol.

I have produced a new 2D cad block by selecting the CAD detail and then pressing the 'Make CAD Block' icon.  The cad block has been created successfully and renamed appropriately. When I do this I understood the cad block is automatically generated into the Cad Block Management file. However my newly generated CAD block  in not listed. I have also tried adding the cad block to the library, but this added the detail to the CAD Block Management file either..


What am I missing?





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Somehow in the passed of have created a 2D block and added it to my 3D symbol. In fact I did it successful last week.


Below is the sample of the imported 3D symbol which only generates a vague sink outline. I want to add the more detailed 2D cad view on the right to the symbol.image.png.5ef9177c4e73a1df7d4199560557e6ab.png


Below is the basin symbol I created last week, by adding a better detailed 2D view. The original basin symbol I imported only had a vague 2D plan view, until I edited it. As far as I am aware I used the method I described earlier to do this. Obviously not...or it not working this time




I have not found anything on the training video.


I did learn this method...a method... more than 3 years ago (could be 5 years!), but that forum blog has been deleted.



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Did you understand what Michael said ?   You can add a nested cad block to Cad Block Management but it will not be available in the Symbol DBX as an "Available Cad Block" to apply as a new  2D Block for your symbol.


If you are editing an existing 2D cad block be sure to explode it and then make your additions or modifications and then reblock and name it.

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When you create your CAD Block it cannot have any other CAD Blocks in it.  That’s what a nested CAD Block is.  It’s a Block within a Block.  CAD Blocks with other nested CAD Block cannot be used for a symbol’s 2D Block.

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