Raised and pushed out mudsill

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1. I'm stumped as to why the mudsill is pushed out past the rim joist.

2. I'm guessing that it's raised because I specified a 3.5" tall brick ledge. But it sure doesn't look like it should.


The foundation wall is specified as 12" thick with the aforementioned brick ledge (pony wall). I understand that the room spec dbx doesn't show actual wall thicknesses, but the mudsill location has me puzzled. Any suggestions?

Screenshot 2021-05-01 162623.png

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Come to think of it, It's got to be that my main layers between floors aren't aligning, but haven't been able to make that work automatically.

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Just a guess as I’m not near a computer.

The size of the mudsill is controlled by the foundation wall. I bet it’s specified as 5.5”…probably need to make it 3.5”

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