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I have Chief X12 on (3) computers; work desktop, home desktop, and laptop. I placed my library files on the cloud, so that all computers were pulling from the same place. I recently had my laptop serviced and windows was reloaded, which meant Chief had to be reinstalled. I told my bother I would do it, but I think he thought he'd help me out and he reinstalled Chief. Since then, the majority of my library files are missing. As in, almost none of the previous catalogs I downloaded are showing as folders in my library. When I went to my Dropbox to ensure they were still there, I see this 'error' at the end of every file.


Additionally, I downloaded the catalogs via software assurance, which I no longer have. Hoping I do not have to purchase all of the catalogs, being I did have the assurance program for 3 of the last 4 years.  


Any ideas or help is appreciated! 

Chief Library Files Error.PNG

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When Chief was reinstalled, it put it's files in it's default location.  If you open Preference you can see what folder paths Chief defaults to.  Look at advanced options.  I'm not at my computer so excuse my generalizations.  I'd also look on the other machines as well so you understand how Chief works with folder locations.


You can import the catalogs from your CA X11 folders.  Any catalogs you got while on X12 won't be there, but it's a start.


Does Dropbox have a recycling bin?  Maybe your catalogs we're moved/deleted there.  Do you have backups of the downloads?


Good luck.

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