Is different plating possible on different floors?

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My ground floor will have gypcrete poured over radiant so I want to double bottom plates. The 1-1/2" gypcrete will be to the level of the 1st plate and then sheetrock can be normally nailed to the plate above the gypcrete.


But my basement is just 4" slab poured before the wall are built, so I want to show those as single bottom plates.


I'm stumped because there only seems to be one place to set plating under framing and it applies to all floors.


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Set the default for the floor with the most walls and auto frame.  Then turn off auto frame and change the default and manually reframe the walls that need the alternate bottom plate count. Or do it the other way and auto frame the lesser number of walls first and then set them to retain their framing condition. Maybe some day there will be a setting for that. :)

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