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Does anyone have some layout tips or suggestions for printing exterior elevations, where the house is a very dark color. It's one of these all-black farmhouse styles! And I don't need to print in color, but if I could....! 


What I'd really like is a tool to fade the colors in Vector View, but not the lines.

I'm thinking of a layout box sandwich...color for the bottom bun, cad mask of partial white for the middle, and lines w/ no color for the top bun. 

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Just gotta make sure the top view (just lines) doesn't have the shadows turned on! Hmmm, not too sure about this...I think it might defeat the purpose. What should be black is of course now gray. And that's a lotta paint to get wrong, despite all the labelling!


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no matter what you do someone is capable of screwing it up


a friend had a homeowner client who left the cans of paint in the room before going to work


client gets home and finds the cans still sitting there and the walls painted another color


do what you need to do and leave good notes - warnings - etc

discuss it verbally - have them sign something

even then ???



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