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I am having a problem with arrows that I have drawn from text to an object in my plan moving and/or changing. I will draw the arrow, send the view to layout, and then exit the drawings. When I re-open the files the text arrow will be in a different location pointing in a different direction. This doesn't happen to all of my arrows and it doesn't happen every time, just randomly (so it seems). Has anyone had a similar issue? I have attached a before and after picture to illustrate what is happening. Thank you!


Erin Mulhern, Designer

Spokane, WA

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512GB 2.5” 7mm SATA SSD Class 20


HP & Dell 23” monitors



Text Arrow1.JPG

Text Arrow2.JPG

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By default, arrowhead lines can attach to other objects at both the head and tail.  You can tell whether or not the arrow head or tail is attached by selecting it.  If the end handle is filled, then it is attached.  If the end handle is open, then it is not attached.  If you move or resize an object that has an attached arrow, then the program will also move the arrow to keep it attached.  If you want to disable this automatic behavior, you can turn off "Attach Head to Other Objects" and/or "Attach Tail to Other Objects" in the Line Specification dialog.


The picture below shows an arrow attached to both a text object and a cabinet.  If you move either the cabinet or the text, the arrow will move as well.


I can't really tell much from your picture but it is possible that either the head or tail is connected to some other object then the one you thought it was. You may have modified this other object causing the arrow to move.



attached arrow head.png

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I've found that using "Attach Tail to Other Objects"  ONLY is the best for me. (Nothing else checked)

If you attach the head and label a foundation, the arrow may attach to the foundation & any edit to the wall can cause the head of the arrow to jump.


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