commercila columns and dimensions

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     I am trying to place columns and grid line with dimensions.

I have to create on column circles and columns lines , then the dimensions will not place correctly to center usining manunel dimensinos (its leaves 12in on each side of column center lines.

Chief Architect needs to be more friendly and have more commercial symbols and column lines to dimensions to them. They do have a commercial templet, but it does not have any of those.

Plus they need commercial window details etc. I am donating this for a non-profit to design a rendering and another area added on the back of this building.I am donating a rendering of exterior to help them fund raise $300.000.00 (by December) to buy the exist. building and remodel adding finishes to look better and another 2,000 s.f. to it.


Can anyone help me on working out the Grid center lines and will measuring correctly? turn on background and existing bldg. is under neath. 





CA Premier x 12



Porter Road Floor Plan existing.PDF

Existing Building remodeling.Addition.plan

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Your circles and lines are cad blocked together which is ok but you will have to snap your dimension string to the center of that cad block at the end.  Set it all up and then slide it to where you need it.  Use the dimensions to move the cad blocks if you are trying to match the original PDF.


P.S.  Next time save the PDF in the plan file when you post it. :rolleyes:



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When you create the Cad Block, you can nominate where you want to locate the Insertion Point by using a Place Point snapped to the centre of the circle.

The obvious place for an insertion point is the centre of the circle - but it can go anywhere, on the line, centre of circle.......even away from the Cad Block.

After you create the cad block, you can then snap the Insertion Point to the Place Point (which doesn't get included in the cad block).

This means that not only can you move and snap the cad block with the nominated insertion point, but you can dimension to it as well.


You current Insertion Point is off centre of the circle for some reason - I am guessing you eyeballed it there? clarify:

Explode your cad block (the circle and the line).

Snap a Place Point to the centre of the circle, or on the line - where ever you want the Insertion Point to locate.

Select the line and the circle and Make Cad Block.

Select Insertion Point and snap to the Place Point.

You can delete the Place Point as it is not connected to, or part of the cad block - it was just used as a temporary snap point.


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