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my auto interior dimensions icon in tool bar is not high lighted.  cannot access . I went into default settings.. but don't know what to look for. it's maybe simple but I cant access interior elevation views


Any help welcome.  thanks

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8 hours ago, decorators3 said:

dimensions are soooo busy!!

That's why I don't usually use Auto interior; just too busy. It takes me more time deleting or modifying the ones I don't want than to just add the interior dims manually. I know I can set up what the Auto dimensions dimension to but that is sometimes problematic.

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    • By decorators3
      I am trying to build a roof .. here are my issues
      1. the auto build is out of wack completely as you can see in the image
      2. the partially built manual roof has 2 gable roofs- one on the left side of the house - one on the other side -But even though they are both 8 pitch they are of different heights (image)
      3. the full over view shows the ceilings..(image)
      My issue is how do I build a roof over the angled front of the house .  I have read the tutorials - watched the videos-I would like to have 3 gables (a) left   - (b) middle (angled wall) and (c) right over the garage..
      The house has main level 9' and 2nd level 9' with open below for great room - foundation is also full 9' 
      I have been working on this for a few days but haven't been able to complete it properly- is it because of the shape of the house??
      ..welcome any suggestions
      ... is it possible that these roof points are creating a problem.  I don't   know how to delete them.  I went into Preferences then architectural  and unchecked AUTOMATICALLY PLACE ROOF INTERSECTION POINTS...BUT STILL THERE. i have removed these temporary points.. i've been working on this roof problem for so long I am missing things..sorryy
      wrong pic for roof points


    • By 9atatimer
      I'm using X11 premier on a mac -- I have an exterior garage wall (with a centered garage door) and a gable end -- I'd like to split the attic wall of the gable end into 3 parts -- the central region above the garage door, and the left and right, to have a different material above the garage door.

      I have Default Settings > Roof > Auto Rebuild Roof set to Off
      I have Default Settings > Framing > Automatically Build Floor and Ceiling Framing Off on all framing types.
      I have Default Settings > Walls > General Walls > Auto Rebuild Attic Walls set to Off

      If I delete the roof and ceiling planes with Build > Roof > Delete [X] and then use the Build > Roof > Build Roof ... dialog to rebuild the roof and attic from scratch -- I leave the Auto Rebuild Roofs set to Off, to be clear -- and then edit the resulting gable roof on the attic layer, I can split it twice to produce the three separate wall sections, but once I change the exterior material on any of the sections, the three wall segments get replaced with a single wall again.  The new wall has my selected material, but that does me no good as I need the distinct secgments.

      Anyone know what setting do I need to turn off to maintain the manually edited gable end?  Or is this a mac bug?

      Or, barring that, does anyone know what approach will let me give the desired finish detail (attached a pic of a freehand elevation)?

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      Using X9. I am having a terrible time with corner boards not staying on my auto dormers. I don't usually use them (do them manually because of these problems) but on two of the jobs I have currently going I placed them on the roof to give the clients different exterior looks. I then went back on both jobs and added corner boards. They stay - for a while. But for no reason, on both jobs, I go back to an overview to see how things look and they are gone. It happens when I am working on totally different areas; I didn't edit or move them. Anyone else see this?
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      I am trying to create a CAD cross section of the structure for the plan drawings. I was able to locate the how-to article in the knowledge base of how to supposedly do this, however, when I do a "backflipped cross section I get a blank screen even with every layer turned on. And when I do a regular cross section my foundation and footings don't show up (even with layer turned on). Attached an example of what I'm essentially trying to create (courtesy of CA's knowledge base). As well as the closest I've gotten my cross-section view to appear to, which also shows the footing/foundation issue I'm describing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • By DakotaContractor
      1. Is it possible to have CA create an auto CAD detail of a wall type? Or am I stuck drawing each and every wall type piece by piece?