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On 8/14/2020 at 7:42 AM, PamelaT said:

Doing a Kitchen with Glass Counter Tops, anyone have a technique on how to get them to render as glass without increasing the emissive factor, which makes them glow.


Thanks Pamela

Hey PT. This is quite a wide ranging question.

There are a lot of variables that can come into

play here. What type of "render" are you using? 

For my money ray tracing will yield the best

results for you. 


For starters make sure the "reflections" box is

checked in the Camera Spec. DBX for the camera

you are using. Then you can change the Material

of the counter top to one of the glass types in the

Core Catalogs. You should also have a play with

the different Material Classes in the Define Material

DBX using the rainbow (Adjust Material Definition)



In this quick example I used a Custom Counter Top

set to 1/2 inch thick and changed the Material to

"Smoked Glass". I then used the rainbow tool to

change the  Material Class to "Transparent". I also

bumped up the "Index of Refraction" to exaggerate

the effect. 


Hope this gives you something to work with as I don't

like to see unanswered questions here on the forum. 









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