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  1. @Dermot, yes a driver issue, had to roll back to a previous update. Roy in TS was super at solving the issue this morning!
  2. Never happened before, I updated driver. restarted the operating system etc. Even when I start a new plan the page is blank, I can open up existing plans and the data is there, but can not get the dialog box in a new plan. Tried various files and tried opening the Cabinet specification box and all the same. partial data. :-(
  3. Cabinet specification dialog is only showing partial information. Driver is up dated
  4. Thanks Mark, The work around available in X11 was far simpler for us since we do not do elevation views in color. have a great weekend.
  5. That's what I thought Dermot that something switched in X12... here is an elevation done with the tweaking of materials to get the desired effect in elevation view. For our business it is important that we give the exact representation of how the cabinet boxes will look. While we often Gang Build multiple cabinets together this does not pose a problem, but when we are independently placing cabinets it is important that the client understand how things will actually look, as we have clients sign off of final drawings. Hope we can get that little work around back soon. And thank for the clarific
  6. Hi all, yes understand that have the cabinet modular lines turned on will allow divisions to be shown, but it indicates how the cabinet is built, which is distracting in presentations. In the past just tweaking the finish would indicate divisions in the elevations, however in X12 this is not possible @Dermot
  7. Hi Dermot, back again with the same issue... I can not achieve the cabinet separation (for Inset Cabinets) in Elevation/Layout view by tweaking the finish- color etc of abutting cabinets. Did something change in X12 Thanks
  8. Doing a Kitchen with Glass Counter Tops, anyone have a technique on how to get them to render as glass without increasing the emissive factor, which makes them glow. Thanks Pamela
  9. Looking to show a tall cabinet/Armoire with doors that retract into the cabinet. Any work abround as to how to show this in 3D Thanks Pamela
  10. Thanks KA, I have tried everything. Want to tuck the rope light behind the crown, down to .5 Lumens etc. upped the active lights. No problem with Graphics card etc. Had the same problem using rope lighting recessed in a vanity toe kick. Will keep at it. Thanks Pamela
  11. Here is the plan file. The LED strip Light is sitting on top of the crown molding. Thanks Again LEd Strip Light
  12. How do you get the light strip to glow evenly. Same results with Rope lighting as well. Thanks
  13. Hi Drawzilla, they are slowly going away.. but too many passes at this point. All good with driver & updates. Thank you though, I do have caustics turned off, will see if that helps.
  14. Anyone out there know what could be causing the small bubbles in the wall scone shades?