my wall material, paint in Room/polyline material list


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I can get for say may drywall/sheetrock list when I do a general material list but if I highlight an room for material list or polyline I can not get the drywall or even paint to show up on material list


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On 5/26/2020 at 5:37 PM, Petetrigger said:

if I highlight an room for material list or polyline


Either one only lists what is in the Room from the surface of the wall drywall inwards.... thought there were some changes in X12 though? hence Eric's suggestion to Check the Ref.Manual I think....



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There are a couple of ways that you can generate a ML for/in a room - depending whether you want the materials IN the room or including the room itself:

"Select one or more objects and click the Calculate Materials From Selection edit button to create a Materials List that calculates only the selected objects and their components.

When the selected object is a room, its moldings and wall, floor, and ceiling finish materials are counted, as is its subflooring; but doors, windows, and structural materials like framing and other structural materials are not.

Calculate Materials in Room

To create the Materials List for a room, select the room and then select Tools> Materials List> Calculate Materials for Room.

Calculate Materials in Room is also available on a selected room’s edit toolbar. See Editing Rooms.

A Materials List calculated from a room is created for only the contents of that room: wall materials are not included."


Although, for me on a mac, the Edit toolbar tool, Calculate Materials In Room, also includes the drywall.

I will look into that a bit more - it could be a bug.

Does anyone else get the same? 



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