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  1. I did a house plan for a client couple of months ago, he wants a change, I'm totally swamp in Remodel projects and have no time for change. I can explain and send plans, would like an estimate though for my client Thanks Pete Nistler
  2. Petetrigger

    my wall material, paint in Room/polyline material list

    Thanks It always been a pain once in a while and keep forgetting to mention it at the breakfast meeting at builders show when their Thanks Pete
  3. I can get for say may drywall/sheetrock list when I do a general material list but if I highlight an room for material list or polyline I can not get the drywall or even paint to show up on material list Thanks PeteTrigger user since 1996
  4. Petetrigger

    X8 Copy Wall Definition

    Yes i have same problem with beta 8 i sent a note to chief the other day. There was another hiccup forgot what is was though.
  5. Petetrigger

    Add Disclaimer To Material List

    I love using the material list been using chief since 6 came out. I have had a lot of carpenter experience and commercial project management experience, you should never rely on the material list exclusively, you should have your own template or estimating list on what materials that need taking off. I draw the plans just so I can get the chief material list as a guide and use my own estimating program with a template set up, and yes each job is a little different and needs tweaking. that why its called estimating. I know longer use or have not used the lumber yards or supplier's in a long time to do Estimate, because their where never close to begin with. I can also turn my estimate around faster to the customer. Chief still could use help though I just drew a work shed for a client today and put in a 2x6 framed floor, on the material list the subfloor came up but not the 2x6 joist On a house plan click on a room. then get material list just for that room. and you will get the sheetrock for ceiling but not the walls what's up with that. now if you select the area around the room you will get the sheetrock on the walls after a little experience you know what to look for. someday I might get my flat soffits without have to draw them. its not perfect nothing is just use a template for materials list and get what you can out of chief and add the rest if need be its still a fast and accurate way to do it. My 2 cents worth anyhow by the way I am not a English Major just a sliver picker Thanks Pete Nistler Pete's Cabin Care and Remodel