converting rivit & archicad bim models to Chief


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In Australia manufacturers are providing rivit & archicad bim files for their products. There are less & less CA compatable product files.

Is that happening in the US?

Is Chief looking at ways we can convert or import those models?

This inability is making it very difficult to stay current.

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I see the same comments/complaints on Archicad and Revit forums that all manufacturers want to do is provide Sketchup files for their products. 


Can you be specific about a product?

Windows, cabinets, doors, material?



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Hi Michael,

Pretty much every product whether it's made locally or imported is available in R or AC format. There is less & less support Sketchup etc.

Plumbing & appliances are typical issues. Clienst want to see want they select and finding look alikes can be quite difficult.

I understand Government contracts are moving towards BIM modeling [similar to the UK] which may be adding to the switch.

R & AC are the 2 softwares being most used by architects, designers, project builders & engineers etc. 

Rivit for example has manufactureres libraries available pretty much for every product on the market. Those of us with Chief are being left behind.

Sketchup is now yesterdays tool.

I'm afraid Chief may go the same way if we cannot access the models.

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The trade-off for me is that I’d rather import something from 3Dwarehouse, although somewhat more limited and less technically accurate or up to date, as a manufacturer’s items, than have all of those up to date items and none of the benefits Chief has over Revit and AC. 

As long as your designing residential homes where your clients want to see detailed interiors with respect to cabinetry, woodwork and finishes, that is. 

Just try adding a kitchen or even a bloody baseboard in either Revit or AC and you’ll see what I mean. (Skirting boards, I believe is what you guys call them). Anyway, there’s no perfect solution in our field, and Chief does lack some features but as far as going from idea to a 3D visual, all while sitting in front of your client, live, then nothing beats Chief. 

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Just confirmed R can convert to sketchup.

Now looking for  alt software that will do that.


Its interesting to see how different locations (countries) use products.

The detail you show in kitchens and on walls etc is not the norm here. Typically more modern styles. All clean lines so CA strength for you is not as vital for us.We leave the nitty gritty detail to the  cab maker. Yet in saying that if the sink or stove for ex are wrong the layout for what fits can also be wrong.

Skirtings is correct. Ive beeb on line looking for US construction terminology dictionary to better understand CA. Haven't found one.

Do you know of a website for that?.


Thanks for everyones feedback.



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