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I recently replaced my HP Designsjet 750c plus plotter with an HP Designjet T525 36" wide.


I was printing a job today and ran out of 36" wide rolls of paper. I have some 24" wide rolls

that I loaded up. I need the layout plan to be rotated 90 degrees in order to print on the 24" wide

roll of paper. I went into the print dialog and selected portrait for the rotation. The drawing

does not rotate. It splits the drawing in half and places half of the drawing above the over half.


I also printed as a pdf  file and tried rotating the pdf to print the plan. I still could not get the plan to

rotated 90 degrees for printing.


Does anyone know how I can get the layout plan to rotate 90 degrees so I can print the 36"x24"

plan on a 24" wide roll of paper ?


Is this an issue with Chief or is it an issue with HP ? 






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On my HP 110, I have to create a default sheet size for each type of drawing..  (18x24 is rotated to print landscape, 24x36 is not (24" roll))  It's not a function of just changing to portrait or landscape.  It's a function of the printer looking for a specific sheet size and orientation.  Try creating a new default in the printer setup to see if you get what you need.

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