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Dear Friends

Hope you all are doing well in this crucial times.


I was trying to make a ceiling as shown in this picture but with little difference, Normally it is easy (as many tutorial with reference to Chief architect on you tube and on chief architect help videos) but what i want to achieve seems tricky with me.


In my design the rafter are not touching the roof, the roof is painted with sky backdrop, and the rafter has rope light on its upper side. i have attached a sample plan.

Can anyone guide me through. secondly the approach i have opted does not join well at the end.

Is there an automated solution wherein i can control the size of the rafter along with intermediate spacing.?


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Ceiling design.plan

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I do not understand what your first question is?
For your second question you can make your ceiling recess (tray ceiling) a little bit deeper then just raise your beams an inch.  You can use Transform/Replicate

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You control the size from the dialogue box for those rafters you created.  Select the two rafters and open their DBX. 
If you want/need the shape of the beam to be as per your detail, then you'll have to use polyline solids to create the beams.
Many many things are possible to do in Chief, but in my opinion there are so many things people try to do in the model that are not really necessary when a single detail can tell the story for a fraction of the time.    You could try using a U-channel molding from the library to create your two beams.

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Actually i want this, but i know the way i am doing is not a professional one, that is why i shared this problem.

Achieving the result is not a problem but achieving professionally was my goal.


I wanted to cut the rafters automatically, rather then manually 


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