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Hi there, I'm mostly teaching myself how to use the program, but hit a snag now and then. This time, it's trying to incorporate some special details in roof planes. Windows that break the baseline of the roof structure, with what I've heard called "eyebrows" above them, and rafter tails that necessitate multiple pitches on a single roof plane. Attaching pics. I am quite stumped by this. Obviously I don't understand roof - work in CA yet, because the process seems kind of clunky and unintuitive. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!



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If you are auto-generating roofs, select the window you want a gable roof above, in the "Edit Toolbar" for that selected Window check "Gable over this Window" and then regenerate roofs. That setting will flag the roof generator that a gable roof is to be built over that window. Or, learn how to manually draw and edit roofs using the provided tools and then do whatever you want, wherever you want at will.



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I think the tool David refers to only does gable Dormers ? ( more the pity) to do an eyebrow Dormer you will need to do this one manually I think as it is flush with the exterior wall and auto dormers will leave the Roof /gutter line intact. Check the knowledgebase there are several tutorials on how to do Dormer Manually. you will need the one about dormers on multipitch roofs too here


The Roof type is a double pitch ,called a Gullwing roof in the Reference Manual and online help by Chief but basically you need to set two pitches and then the distance in from the wall line that the 2nd pitch should start at like this



will get this




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The auto dormer tool has 9 different dormer types to select from. It's a great way to start, even if none of them are exactly what you want. The OP's image would be a barrel dormer that can be sized & positioned exactly & then exploded if necessary to make final tweaks. If you start w/ an auto-dormer & then explode it, all the "parts" are present &, more importantly, properly defined. 


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I think you are right about it being a Barrel not an Eyebrow Dormer Jim , but I am not so sure Auto Dormers will work in this case as the Dormer is inline with exterior wall and not located in a single roof plane ie if it was back 12-16" or more back like in your pic.   You can drag it down but you are left with the Gutter/fascia.


Perhaps I wasn't doing something right in the past ?



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Directly above the wall below will not prevent you from using an auto dormer, but the two main roof planes will. Put the barrel dormer in a single roof plane & then explode it so you can move the parts. I like to place the auto dormer a known distance from it's final position so that I can move the parts where they go via direct entry.

You will also need to edit the main roof planes.

The ability to explode them is what makes auto dormers such a great tool.

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