Difficulty creating ICF wall intersection


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Just started using Designer Pro 21.3.1.  I'm having a very difficult time getting walls to connect without breaking. 

I have an outer wall that transitions from an 8" core to a 6" core.  An 8" concrete internal wall T-intersects with the ICF wall at the lower edge of the 8" ICF, cutting though the inner ICF foam.  I can create the outer ICF walls just fine but every time I try to connect the concrete wall to the outer wall, everything breaks.  The outer walls change dimension and try to snap to the centerline of the internal wall. 


I've tried several approaches to make this work with no luck and it's proving to be quite frustrating.  Pictured is my latest attempt.  I've created an outer wall with 3 segments - 8" ICF, 8" ICF minus the internal foam and 6" ICF.  I've also placed the internal wall short of intersecting with the external wall, showing where it should intersect. 


I've turned off all snapping as well as 'Connect CAD segments' and no matter what I do, the 8" and 6" ICF wall sections snap together at the midpoint of the internal wall.  Sometimes both do it, sometimes it's just one but no matter what I do, the walls are messed up.  The second shot shows one attempt.  In this case, the 6" ICF wall has jumped up to the internal wall midpoint and the 8" ICF with no internal foam is now only half the original size and is missing one of the external foam layers for some reason.  I've tried drawing the internal wall in like normal and making a short one and expanding it to meet the external wall as shown and nothing seems to work.


I have numerous joints like this in my design and if Designer Pro can't accurately represent them, it's going to be useless for me. 


Does anyone here have any suggestions for how to get the program to stop attempting to 'help' me and just make the intersections I want?

Annotation 2020-02-16 032626.png

Annotation 2020-02-16 033658.png

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There is a tool to fix the intersection of the layers, when you select a wall in plan view look for this icon. then grab the end handles ( looks like a diamond)

You will have to play around with it to get all the layers of all walls to connect properly. It doesn't always work the first time. keep trying, it will work.




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8 hours ago, dan_heidel said:

Does anyone here have any suggestions for how to get the program to stop attempting to 'help' me and just make the intersections I want?


Chief always joins walls at their Centers typically , so you can run into these sorts of issues.


I am not sure about Pro but in Premier in the Wall's Definition there is now an option box at the bottom Called Partition Wall which causes the wall to only join at it's Surface, it may ( or Not) help with this , I have not tried it.





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