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Glass cabinet doors

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I'm trying to use glass doors at the top of a full-size cabinet, but the "glass doors" checkbox is disabled.


My plan file is 32MB and I've already used the "save as" cleanup, so I zipped it.





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1 minute ago, TopagnaOverlook said:

I just noticed in help that this is unavailable for library doors...

Even if it were available that would change ALL the doors on the cabinet not just the top ones.

Make a copy of the door style in user library and name it so you can identify it in the materials tab. Change the panel material there. Since you're cabinets appear to all be painted instead of using the default it's likely you need to change the species for the door frame too. I just used a framed door panel for now since that door is not on my system.



Might look into taking advantage of using defaults more, also might want to purge your plan materials and merge some.

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Thanks Mark,


Editing the materials on my copy of the symbol worked great!


And thanks for reminding me to use defaults to save lots of time painting materials.


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