Why strange wall behavior at window corner?


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I did this house model as an exercise, using a for-sale plan, the web page showing plan views and many inside and outside images.  The wall in question is shown in the images attached.  Plan is attached also.


The psolid out in the air away from the corner is a start at manually patching the whole thing, but why do I have to?




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That's a bit of a funny one that I can't fully figure out.

Open the 2 windows that run up and down the page, go to the Casing panel and uncheck Use Interior Casing.

You also have an invisible wall running into the external corner.

Pull that back or delete it.

That seems to get things looking OK on the outside.

There are definitely some weird things happening though.


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Away from PC right now, but tried doing a simple 20' square box house with same window corner and got same problem.


Casements, 30" w x 48" h, force into corner and edit offsets to 3.75" both ways, between-pair separation 3.5".  I built two houses with this config, 3.5" corner post in 2x6 wall framing.


EDIT:  Incorrecto!  The config works in a plain box house situation.  See pic.  It is the wall intersect that must be doing it.


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