Showing Roof framing on two different levels

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This is a reoccurring issue, and I have stumped the folks at tech support.  Often, my roof framing plans are showing roofs on two levels.  I show the second level roof via reference display.  The problem is that the text inserted either on the level I'm working on or on the reference level does not display properly.  If I insert text or a dimension on the level I'm working on, the text displays behind the reference drawing.  If I insert the text on the reference drawing all is well, until I either zoom or move the drawing on the screen at which time, the text again displays behind the framing.  Looking for a work-a-round.



Mike Borean


PS: I'm looking forward to meeting fellow CA users at the IBS in Vegas.   

screen shot.jpg

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Have you tried playing with the Details and XOR options?

Otherwise, post the plan.

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Is your reference floor draw order set correctly?  But yes, post the plan.

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      I'm new to Chief. I'm using X8
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      trying to draw my roof framing properly all in trusses (not rafters)
      when manually putting a single truss on the left hand roof,
      chief is drawing the truss all the way across over the middle roof plane.
      suspect it is something to do with my attic wall settings? separating the 2 roof plane regions?
      what are the correct chief settings to put on the wall(s) objects, roof groups, room settings,
      so when I manually draw a truss on the 3 roof planes, they 'behave' and draw as they should?
      1. when I build my roof framing in rafters, all is sweet
      2. yes, I set the sides = high shed, end = full gable
      3. running latest x6. could be an x5 file. shouldnt matter.
      attached is my .plan file cut down and some screen capture showing the issues - there are several truss issues - what are the correct chief model settings?.
      ps: scott this would be a good video to show how to do trusses in the 'real world'....