Reference Layer Set Question (SOLVED)

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Is there a way to show the hips/ridges of a roof either above or below using a reference layerset?  Am I missing something?  The edges of the roof appear (see pics) but the hips/ridges do not.  I've tried this with some of the Chief OOB templates...and I get the same result.  





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You might try turning off the XOR option.  If you draw the same line twice with XOR turned on, it is hidden.


For some more info about reference display settings see my post here:



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Just now, Renerabbitt said:

No issues on my end, care to post your plan(s)?



Rene - Thanks for taking the time to help.  Dermot answered the question....I had "XOR" turned on.



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1 minute ago, SNestor said:


Rene - Thanks for taking the time to help.  Dermot answered the question....I had "XOR" turned on.



I deleted my post after seeing Dermot's post, you resurrected it somehow!

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